How GDB Game Works

Digging for gold is easy -- and you can cash in your gold for real cash!  When you signup you will find a large MAP of locations that you can dig for gold.  Each location has the chance of gold being found.  Each time you dig it 'costs' you 'operation credits'.  If you successfully find gold then you will receive additional operation credits to continue digging.  At the end of the day you can cash out any credits you still have for a CASH payout.  You will receive your cash payout in as little as 24 hours -- and since its skilled gaming -- it is not gambling.

Every time you dig additional gold is randomly dropped onto the map -- so you are competing against other players to find the gold the fastest.  After each 'DIG' you will be given a color-coded clue that will tell you how much 'gold' is in the surrounding area.  This hint will lead you to find the most gold in each area. 

This game is based on FAIR digging -- so the odds are in your favor.  With each DIG the land owner (our site) receives 10% of the loot -- but all other credits are redistributed to the map which leaves you with GREAT odds of walking away the next Great Gold Miner!

How To Get Started

Get started with FREE credits just for signing up!  This means you can play the GDB Right away absolutely risk free!  Plus its fun and a GREAT way to pass the time. 

Are you ready to your insight and skill against other Gold Diggers!



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